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You have successfully submitted your application.
Please read the information below carefully.

Thank you for choosing MUNLawS! We are delighted that you decided to participate in our conference, and are confident that it will be a memorable experience. Please find some additional information to successfully proceed with your application, below. Make sure to save the details if you will need them later.

Please transfer the appropriate conference fee to the bank account provided below. Please note that we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the committee and country allocation after the payment has been successful and confirmed. You must also note that the conference fee you pay is non-refundable. The MUNLawS 2024 conference will take place in any event. If epidemic circumstances and government measures prevent an in-person event, it will be moved to one of the available online platforms.

Transaction Details

University of Ljubljana                
Faculty of Law                              
Poljanski nasip 2                          
1000 Ljubljana 

Bank Details:
Banka Slovenije
Slovenska cesta 35
1505 Ljubljana

Account Number: SI56 0110 0603 0707 313
Reference Number: SI00 0389

Deadline for payment is 5 working days after the submission of the application.

Further information if you require a visa

In order to continue with the visa proceedings, we will need an original confirmation of admission to your Institution with its official stamp, as well as two contacts, one being a teacher/professor, and the other one being any person of your choice. Please, attach a link to your institution's webpage as well. The necessary data should be sent to our e-mail

We look forward to seeing you in Ljubljana in November!

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