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Here you can find useful tips and info about coming to Slovenia.

For citizens of EU member states and numerous other countries (including UK, US, Canada, Australia…), a visa/resident permit is not required to visit Slovenia. If you are unsure about the status of your country regarding entry requirements, it is recommended to check the site of the Embassy, designated to the territory of Slovenia. 

More info on the matter of entry requirements is available at the site of the Ministry of the Interior

As of February 2023, restrictions due to Covid-19 (RVT) no longer apply when entering Slovenia. However, because of the unpredictable nature of the restrictions, it is advised to check the latest situation and examine possible border crossing requirements before arriving in Slovenia.

Additional info regarding the health precautions and requirements is available here.



Most of the cars enter Slovenia by motorways, which is also the easiest way to travel around the country. For driving a motorway, you will need to purchase a vignette and if you are entering Slovenia through the Karavanke tunnel, you can expect an additional crossing fee of about eight euros.

For more detailed info, check the “Explore” section here.


In addition to the daily flights to many European cities, there are two low cost flight providers (EasyJet and Wizz Air, flying to London and Brussels) flying from the main Slovenian international airport, Jože Pučnik international airport Ljubljana (LJU). Another positive is the proximity of larger international airports, including Venice (VCE), Vienna (VIE) and Zagreb (ZAG). From the mentioned airports, you can complete the journey to Slovenia by bus/train/rental car or by the organised shuttles.

For more detailed info, check the “Explore” section here.


Buses, operated by companies such as FlixBus and Nomago, run to Slovenia from many European cities. Furthermore, the bus travel is also well organised domestically. For timetables and the price of the journey, it is best to check the site of your chosen coach provider.

For more detailed info, check the “Explore” section here.


Trains to Slovenia run daily from many European cities. For international travel, riding in a sleeping car is also possible Within the country, the lines are operated by the Slovenian Railways

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