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Conference Organisers


Anže Mediževec

              Secretary General

Anže Mediževec is a Teaching Assistant at the Department of International Law of the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. He was awarded his first Master's degree in public international law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, and pursued his LL.M. degree in European Union law at the College of Europe in Bruges. During the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2021, Anže worked as a Liaison Officer at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. An MUN enthusiast himself, he competed and chaired at various MUN conferences across Europe. Currently he coaches the MUN team of the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. He is eager to welcome all delegates coming to Ljubljana for what promises to be a succesfull 12th edition of MUNLawS.

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Ana Mencin

               in charge of Academics

Ana is an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. She is particularly interested in the field of international and human rights law and is dedicated to exploring them further through moot court, debate, and MUN activities. After chairing at MUNLaws for the past two years, she is happy to join back as a member of the secretariat.


Maja Kalin

      Deputy Secretary General


Maja is an enthusiastic third year student at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. She is interested in international law, human rights, diplomacy, and international relations. She has been a part of MUNLawS team since 2021 and a part of MUN world since high school. Besides that, she loves traveling and discovering new cultures, but most of all meeting new people and learning about their experiences. Always curious and excited about new challenges, she quickly embraces every new opportunity and gets involved in a new activity. She is looking forward to amazing debates during committee work as well as during coffee breaks, which are the key to a good conference.

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Aleksandar Vuković

                  in charge of Logistics

Aleksandar Vuković, a first-year law student at the University of Ljubljana, is actively engaged in academic and extracurricular activities. He has chaired and participated in multiple conferences across Europe. Alongside his studies, he has served as a public relations officer and project manager for various NGO initiatives in his home country of Serbia and abroad. Apart from law, he holds a strong interest in military affairs and global diplomacy, intending to pursue his future career in those fields.

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Žiga Murn Lindič

in charge of Academics

Žiga Murn Lindič is an undergraduate Law student at the University of Ljubljana. Interested in several fields of public law, from international to constitutional and criminal law, as well as political science, he pursues a career in diplomacy, academics, or, under certain circumstances, public service. Žiga joins the Secretariat as the co-chair of MUNLawS 2023 Historical Committee, and will serve as Director in charge of Academics at this year’s conference edition. Beside the abovementioned preoccupations, he is an avid (yet not awfully good) alpine and cross-country skier. If you are to discuss contemporary issues of U.S. politics, have a fine quattro formaggi pasta or hit the slopes in the Alps, Žiga is all for it!


Klara Bajc

                  in charge of Logistics

Klara is a second-year law student at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. Among her studies, she enjoys actively participating in youth forums and educational seminars. She is a member of the Faculty’s Student Council, where she represents students’ rights and interests. In her free time, Klara can often be found on a volleyball court, in the theater, on a ski slope or impatiently waiting for a plane to take her to a new desired destination. In the 12th MUNLawS Conference, Klara looks forward to seeing old MUN peers and meeting some new promising talents!

Faculty Staff


Vasilka Sancin, Ph.D.

President of the Organising Committee of the MUNLawS Conference

Full Professor

Head of the Department for International Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana


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