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The MUNLawS 2020 Conference will host a simulation of an arbitral proceeding under the auspices of the Court of Conciliation and Arbitration within OSCE. The Court of Conciliation and Arbitration is based in Geneva and provides a mechanism for the peaceful settlement of disputes between States. The Court was established in 1995 by the Convention on Conciliation and Arbitration. Thirty-four States are party to the Convention. The Court is composed of recognised experts in the field of international law who are appointed by the States Parties.

A request for arbitration may be made at any time by agreement between two or more States parties to the Convention or between one or more States parties to the Convention and one or more other CSCE participating States. States Parties may also submit a notice to the Depositary, recognising as compulsory, ipso facto and without special agreement, the jurisdiction of an Arbitral Tribunal, subject to reciprocity.

Participants at the MUNLawS 2020 Conference may act in the role of counsel for the States in dispute or arbitrators.


(Source: OSCE)



The Case of Underwater Natural Resources

(The Republic of Aesthetica v. The Kingdom of Reagnalia)

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