MUN conferences are an amazing opportunity to engage with other like-minded people, make new friendship and gain priceless new experiences.

Click the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the page to proceed with your application.


The MUNLawS Conference accepts university and secondary school students and delegations! Delegations including less than 10 delegates may bring one observer/mentor. Delegations consisting of 10 or more delegates may bring two observers/mentors. Once the application is complete, applicants will receive an acceptance letter via email in which further payment details will be listed. Please be aware that applicants do not receive their committee and country allocations until the payment procedure is complete.


30,00 EUR per delegate / observer


Regular price

The price includes the right to participation at online MUNLawS conference and certificate of participation.

IMPORTANT: All conference fees are non-refundable once payed.  All costs regarding their transfer are to be covered by the applicant. The fees do not cover accommodation, dinners, transfers to and/or from the airports, entrance fees, social events, etc. MUNLawS team will be happy to help with arranging with all of what's listed before.


All delegates that need to acquire a visa, please take in account that visa proceedings can take up to a month, so make sure you plan and apply well ahead. If you will need a visa, please let us know in the application form. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

We will issue the necessary Letter of Confirmation after we have received the fee payment in full (please keep in mind that it can sometimes take up to a week for banks to process the transfer). You also have to provide us with:

  • an original confirmation of admission to your Faculty/University with the official stamp of the Faculty/University

  • two contacts, one being a professor or an administrative worker at your Faculty and the other could be anyone




Apply as an individual delegate through the following link. Once the application has been submitted,  a confirmation page will be shown on screen.

Please save those important information for potential later use.

Delegates who are a part of a delegation consisting of 3 or more people may declare that circumstance in this application form. 

Only delegates whose application payment has been successfully executed are eligible to participate at the conference. MUNLawS team will send a confirmation e-mail with allocation to every delegate individually after the payment has been confirmed.

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